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About Shlomo Nizahon

Shlomo is an attorney who believes in equality and unity, an immigrant, a father of two wonderful daughters.

His platform supports policies that protect the environment, the community from terrorism and incitement to terrorism, immigration, consumers/taxpayers, & create economic opportunity & upward mobility.

He upholds the United States Constitution, especially national security, individual liberty & freedom.

Shlomo’s education & work experience instilled in him the importance of free speech and the correlation between social media and terrorism, incitement to terrorism, free speech and true threats. The importance of homeownership and taxes, the balance between economic growth & consumer/taxpayer protection. The importance of education for all.

Shlomo’s experiences shaped his understanding of the forces that must be maintained to support national security, a healthy U.S. economy where opportunities abound while simultaneously protecting consumers & taxpayers from financial abuse & avoiding a repeat of the recent economic crises.